Sundarban Tour & Tourism

The Sundarban is the true wonder of nature. It is the largest continuous block of Mangrove Forest in the World. Sundarban is the home to many beautiful and some endangered species like Royal Bengal Tiger, Estuarine Crocodile, Spotted Dear, Wild Boar, Olive Ridley Turtle, and Gangetic Dolphin etc. Indian Sundarban consists of 102 deltaic islands which is a part Gangetic Delta, the world’s largest delta. Sundarban is spread over 9630 sq KM. in southern part of West Bengal and hosts extremely rich diversity of aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna.


Lets Go to Sundarban!

The Sundarban that meets Bay of Bengal to the south, is a complex network of tidal water ways like Rivers, Creeks and Canals. Naturally two high tides and two low tides occur in the entire region in a single day.

Sunderban seems to be a floating forest when it gets partially submerged by highly saline water during the high tide. Within a few hours, the low tide makes the water to recede back to the Bay of Bengal exposing the clay beds of mudflat to the air. Tidal amplitude and fluctuations of Sundarbans is around 7 meter. These unique features make Sundarban National Park, the best National Park in India.