Weather of Sundarbans

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Chinmay Mandal – a resident of Dayapur, Sundarban

June – September (monsoon): Monsoon arrives in entire region in the second week of June and the region receives heavy rainfall till September. Weather remains hot and humid in daytime but nights remain comfortable. Sundarbans are spectacular in monsoon. Sailing in the jungle, when it’s raining, could definitely be a remembering experience to the tourists.

Average Temperature: H 34 o C – L 24 o C

*** Bad weather causes river waves. Always consult with local tour operators.

October – November (autumn): Days are warm and Nights remain cool these days. With the rest of the Bengal Sundarbans also celebrate Durga Pooja and Kali Pooja this time. These festive events have always been a major attraction to the tourists in Sundarban.

Average Temperature: H 30 o C – L 20 o C

*** Light warm clothes might be needed in late November.

December – January (winter): The minimum temperature, sometimes, even declines to 10 o C or lower. Extra care need to take for old people and kids. To know current temperature CLICK HERE.

Average Temperature: H 26 o C – L 13 o C

*** Warm clothes need to carry.

February – March (spring): Days are comfortable. Nights could be moderately cold in February.

Average Temperature: H 30 o C – L 17 o C

*** Carry light warm clothes in February.

April – May (summer): Days start to get hot from the beginning of April. Sundarban faces a very hot and humid weather condition throughout the May and first week of June. Some times maximum temperature exceeds 40 o C in this period.

Average Temperature: H 36 o C – L 25 o C

*** Thunderstorm (Kalbaishakhi) occurs during afternoon/evening. Try to get back to hotel before 4 pm. from jungle safari. Consult with local tour operators.

### Unlike Kolkata weather never gets very uncomfortable in Sundarbans in summer. Evenings of summer come with a cooling breeze. Sky remains clear almost through out the year; you can’t even think there could be so many stars in our sky.

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