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Get Affordable 3 Days & 2 Nights Sundarban Tour Packages

Pick up & Drop: Kolkata || Tariff Table bellow of this page

Book online with 40% of total tour cost and rest before commencement of journey

Tour Details for: Small Groups || Large Groups

star Small Groups (Group having less than 10-12 adults)

Sundarban Tour – First Day

  • 8.00 A.M.: Morning drive from Kolkata by car. The road journey is 3 hours and half to reach Godkhali Port. Breakfast on the way at Canning (get way of Sundarban)
  • 11.30 A.M.: Cross the Bidya River to reach Gosaba, and next by open cycle van (only available transport) to reach Hotel/ Resort.
  • 1.00 P.M.: Reach and check in hotel/Resort, which is located just opposite to the Tiger Reserve area and Sajnekhali Wild life sanctuary, and followed by lunch (Typical Bengali cuisine).
  • 3.00 P.M.: walking through villages and river embankment.
  • 4.00 P.M.: Country boat ride for bird watching, chances to spot seven types of kingfisher, egret, eagles etc. above all getting introduced to the lovely mangroves, mudflats. Walk around local bazaar/hat.
  • 6.30 P.M.: Back hotel/Resort.
  • 7.00 P.M.: Get together to have a good time in a good ambiance of environment, with local folks  (if musicians are available) and complimentary tea/Coffee, snacks as well.
  • 8.00 P.M.: Bonfire (if you are on a sundarban tour in winters)
  • 9.00 P.M.: Dinner

Sundarban Tour – Second Day

  • 6.30 A.M.:  Boat cruise start to get into the Wild. Tea/Coffee, snacks will be served on boat. First we will reach Sajnekhali forest office of sajnekhali wild life sanctuary. we will get permission to get entry in to the forest, see  Mangrove Interpretation Centre, Sajnekhali Watch Tower.  Then start for SudhanyaKhali Watch Tower  in dense forest of Sundarban Tiger Reserve . After visiting Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower we will cruise through narrow creeks, canals like Gazikhali, Panchamukhani, Pirkhali etc. to reach Dobanki Camp. Where you will find a Canopy way to spot wild lives. Then we will start for Netidhopani , a mythological place, where you will find  a temple and Watch Tower. It is believed the temple is to be 400 years old and worshiped Goddess is Banabibi and Dakshim Rai. Netidhopani is a place by the Matla River where Matla River meets Bay of Bengal. On our way we can spot Bengal Tiger, spotted dear, birds(migrants in winters), estuarine Crocodile, Water monitor lizard, Gangetic dolphin  etc. Breakfast, lunch and complementary tea/Coffee, snacks   will be cooked and served on boat in tiger territory.
  • 7.00 P.M.: Reach back hotel/resort after an amazing  day long Travel in dense forest. You may take rest or walk around.
  • 8.00 P.M.: Bonfire (for winter only).
  • 9.00 P.M.: Dinner.

Sundarban Tour -Third Day

In the morning after having Tee/Coffee snacks we go to the local tribal village, meet honey collectors and fishermen.

  • 8.30 A.M.: Back Hotel/Resort. After having breakfast head back to Kolkata.
  • 1.30-2.00 P.M.: Arrival in Kolkata.

Package includes: Bottled Mineral water, fooding, lodging, permission of jungle authority, Digital Camera permission, English spoken local guide, car and boat trip to  the biggest mangrove forest across world .

Timing may vary depending upon weather conditions,  tide, traffic and road conditions.

star Large Groups(Group  having more than 10-12 adults)

schedule almost same as above except

Sundarban Tour – First Day

  •  11.00 A.M.: Reach Basanti and start for Sundarban by Boat/Launch. We will sail by the Sundarban on our way.
  •  1.00 P.M.: lunch will be cooked and served on board (Typical Bengali cuisine).
  •  4.00 P.M.: Reach Hotel/Resort which is located just opposite to the Tiger Reserve area. You may take rest or walk around villages, river embankment and local bazaar, Tribal Village to interact local people including Honey Collectors, Fishermen.

Sundarban Tour -Third Day

  • 6.30 A.M.: Morning Tea/ Coffee, Snacks.
  • 7.30 A.M.: Start for Kolkata by boat/launch. Breakfast and lunch on Board.
  • 1.00 A.M.: Reach Kolkata via Sonakhali/Godkhali.

Tariff Table

No. of  head         Total (Rs.) No. of  head         Total (Rs.) No. of  head         Total (Rs.)

4                       21,000

17                     69,750

30                     118,500

5                       24,750

18                     73,500

31                     122,250

6                       28,500

19                     77,250

32                     126,000

7                       32,250

20                     81,000

33                     129,750

8                       36,000

21                     84,750

34                     133,500

9                       39,750

22                     88,500

35                     137,250

        10                       43,500

23                     92,250

36                     141,000

        11                       47,250

24                     96,000

37                     144,750

        12                       51,000

25                     99,750

38                     148,500

        13                       54,750

26                   103,500

39                     152,250

        14                       58,500           27                   107,250          40                     156,000
        15                       62,250

28                   111,000

41                     159,000

        16                       66,000           29                   114,750

42                     163,500

*** Rs.2000 will be charged a kid bellow 10 years of old.